What People Are Saying...

"So there I am sitting in class. I heard a noise at the doorway. Looked up and in walks Maren, draped in a thousand stories. From her cowboy boots skyward every square inch radiated a barely suppressed mischief. I had no idea what we were in for but I was pretty sure it was going to be fun."

- Drama student evaluation at Metro State University

"I wish this school was named the Maren Hinderlie School so she could tell us stories everyday."

- Third Grader at North Star Elementary School, Minneapolis,MN

"Maren always gives us a theatrical event, inspiring and delightful."

- Sue Grieger, Performance Arts Consultant, University of Minnesota Student Union

"Maren’s storytelling includes people of all ages and all cultural heritage, which makes a community event like this a true festival."

-Marcie Telander, Founding Director Vinotuk Festival, Crested Butte, CO.

"Maren’s family tales captured our imaginations!"

-Pamela Holt, Hennepin County librarian

"For the past ten years Maren's storytelling has engaged everyone and given many listeners memories of their own, which she encourages them to share, validating their own experiences. Maren carries on this much needed tradition of storytelling with a big heart. We are grateful for her!"

-Marsha Kimble/Activity Director Mt Olivet Day Care

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