Interactive Storytelling: Performance and Workshops

"Maren is a teacher whom I hold in highest regard - Her courses are exciting and rewarding. I recommend her, without reservation, to any group."


— Sheila Livingston, Communications Director, Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Some of her appearances combine PERFORMANCE and INTERACTION. This is especially true when she meets with a group on a regular basis. Maren is available to lead interactive storytelling groups or simply tell her stories as a performance. Get in touch with Maren now!

Tell a Story From Your Family Tree

Maren invites you to share a story about your pet, teacher, or favorite place or you may share a photo, recipe, music, a treasure and find its story.

It’s not His Story. It’s Our Story.

Visit a time gone by; The Great Depression, The World Wars, 1968 or your choice!

You Are There!

The group makes the Bible story happen here and now. OR, share your own stories of your faith journeys.

Listen to examples of Maren's work with church groups here.

Let’s Tell It Together!

Participation stories are short with lots of action. The story invites repeated phrases or actions from the group.

Kids can also act it out.

Stories are what plays are made of...

Maren can help you create dramas from the stories that you want to bring to life. In the 1980's Maren created and established Calliope: A Children's Folk Theater. Under her direction plays were written and designed, music was composed by grade school students with the help of professional artists. After she and her student assistant finished directing a show, it was performed on tour to Minneapolis Public Schools by a cast of players ages five to thirteen.

Or a story becomes a cosmic cleaning lady

at The Women's Spirituality Conference, Mankato State University October 2016

​Or stories bring an assembly of children from Vietnam

to the Sami people in the Arctic Circle of Scandinavia March 2017

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