Maren's storytelling has taken her around the world

As an artist in residence at the International Children’s Peace Festival in the Olympic Village in Lillehammer, Norway, she heard stories from children and their teachers from every troubled part of the world.


In 1994 with the sponsorship of Northlands Storytelling Network, she brought a group of these teachers to a conference on Storytelling in Education at the University of Wisconsin in Madison – Berger Hareide from Norway, Dhruba Shresta from Nepal, Aniko Szabo from Hungary and Alex Maseko from Zimbabwe.

Her work for The MN Historical Society, the Guthrie Theater and other theatrical, educational, religious or festival communities continue to teach her that the world is made of stories.

Her storytelling has been sponsored by festival donors, senior centers, religious, educational or art institutions, foundations, UNICEF and government grants from – among others – the Norwegian government, the Voice of the Children, the Minnesota State Arts Board, Regional Arts Council and Minnesota Legacy Funds.

When Maren is not telling stories she might be writing a poem or a book.

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